Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of my very best friends Libby started a photo blog recently and wanted to do some practice shooting. I was so down to help her out, and she offered to do some outfit pics for me. It was so fun because we laughed off the awkwardness and staring of others, but we had a blast doing it. She's awesome at what she does. Here is the link to her
You should check it out!:) Here are some of my favorite shots of the day!!

blog 1
blog 2
blog 3
blog 4
blog 5
blog 6
blog 7
blog 9
blog 10
blog 11
blog 12
blog 13
blog 14
blog 15
blog 16
blog 17

Thanks for such a fun day lib! love all of your creativity and talent, and your heart always shows through everything you do!

ITS FRIDAY!! Have a wonderful weekend my dears!


  1. I LOVE the ones by the tree!!!!! You should post ALL of the tree ones!!! :-) PS. The new header is perfect- exactly what i pictured and what your blog needs to stand out- except i think the kait kulture needs a new font something a little more unique- a little more swirly and dramatic. But i like the one 'k' element! On the right track.

  2. All the pictures are great! Good job Libby. I too love your new blog header. Very fun.

  3. I really loved the mustard jacket and leopard print one!!

  4. Great photos!! Your leopard print jacket is gorgeous!


  5. LOved the pics!!! and all the clothes!!! I'm planning to start fashion school as soon as possible, I'm trying to follow fashion students just to have a flavor of what is going to be like before I start!!!


  6. love your earrings!

    xx viviane

  7. Love both of the coats-these are great shots, looks like a fun day ;)
    xo Cara


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