Friday, March 25, 2011

Less Black Pact!

So, I got to the house that i babysit every friday morning today and I was wearing my Go-to black flowy shirt and jeans with boots, because I didn't feel like putting effort into my wardrobe today. The little girl i babysit said and i quote: Evangeline- "Miss Kait you wear so much black, you wear so much black I feel like I can't even see you, your shirts black, your pants are black and your hairs' black."
I was so taken back that a 4 year old noticed my wardrobe so much. I was like.. seriously? do i wear it that much? I even specifically remember this whole week trying to wear color. So i decided I am going to shop for less black, and make a pact to myself.. less black more color!!

So .. I went shopping tonight on MAJOR clearance sales (which will be my next post) :) and i only bought one black thing. and i'll explain why tomorrow :)

Glad I got this off my chest. :)


  1. I was there as an eye witness to this!!! You done good, Kaitster!! You done on the other hand just looked like Leonardo Da Vinci!

  2. can't wait to see what you purchased! i'm on a color mission too! :)


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