Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My FIRST DIY! - kind of

So i had some inspiration lately from a few pictures I saw of large flower pins on tops and blazers. I wanted to buy one, but I thought why not just make one!
If you know me well, you know I'm not exactly the craftiest person ever. And this isn't exactly something everyone can do, because I'm using a headband I already owned.. But just go with it for a sec here. :)

what you need:
1. A giant flower head band you never wear
2. safety pin
3. hair clip
4. hot glue gun

First, search your house aimlessly for 20 minutes looking for a safety pin, and consume chocolate easter candy during your breaks of frustration.

Next, super glue safety pin, and flower clip the back of big flower...

blog 1

AND THEN YOUR DONE!!!! Giant flower Pin is finished! Easy enough right? Here's some ways to wear it..

blog 2

or on a blazer!
blog 5

SO! Tune in next week to watch me tie a ribbon around these bracelets :)

blog 4

kidding.. kind of.


  1. This is what you needed the glue gun for?? And is this also why my Reeses peanut butter eggs have dwindled? haha

  2. Next time you need a safety pin, come on over...I have so many! I have a couple hair flowers like that that I rarely wear in my hair. I think they can pin on clothes too. I should bust them out and wear them.

    Jarod is a little behind in the fashion world...i have a sweater that has a flower on it, and I asked him if he liked it, he said, 'not really, looks like something my mom would girls your age wear flowers on sweaters?'...'uh, yeah'...was my answer.

  3. Hahahaha Kate! Step number one made me laugh aloud in the middle of the hotel. I think mostly because I watched step number one wondering what you were doing, while I searched aimlessly for my twine which was nowhere to be found and ate easter candy... which could by why Tara's reese eggs are dwindling.

  4. What a great post!!! I think this is great...even if people don't have the exact same headband, we've all got stuff like it! Or vice versa, we may have a flower pin that we could stick on a headband! Love it!!!

  5. I like the tune in for next week when you plan to tie ribbon around bracelets! haha Classic! How about take the laces out of your converse and wear them laceless? haha

  6. haha that's a good idea too! :) but someone already invented the sewn laceless converse so i can't really take credit for that.


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