Tuesday, April 26, 2011

long overdue!

I cant even remember the last outfit post I did!
Here is what i wore to work today! i had presentations today in this shirt and decided to switch my bottoms to something more casual. I can never find the perfect thing to pair with these pants to make me look thin.. but i just love the pants so dang much i can't part with them or part with wearing them constantly.

Apr 26, 2011
I have some fun ideas for some spring posts so stay tuned :)

shirt: express
pants: The limited
Shoes: steve madde
Accessories: Nordstrom
Belt: Foreign Exchange

M.I.A. Literally

School is really winding down and the next 3 weekends of my life are going to be Jam packed including: boyfriends marathon/apartment hunting in nashville, sisters wedding, moving into new house, boyfriends graduation in nashville, and somewhere in there include finals week, about 6 projects due, 4 papers and a lack of social life... Needless to stay I'm MIA for craziness in my life! BUT i have missed blogging the last week. Here's some of what i did this weekend. Phil needed a new suit for my sisters wedding, so we went to the city (chicago) to buy him a skinny suit from Zara.
We had so much fun on our quick trip and i got to meet up with my best friend who lives up there now.

My cousin entered 4 garments in our ISU fashion show this weekend. Here is her and my other cousin hilary modeling one of katies designs.

And me and Kate:

The city, fashion show, wedding crafts, easter celebrations.. LIFE IS NUTS!

My sister whit moves out in 2 weeks and into her new house with her (almost) husband. I'm trying not to think about it or ill probably get emotional. Not to mention shes great at braiding my bangs when i'm having a bad hair day. I cant do it myself... And she loves my clothes so she basically sleeps in my closet. I'm hoping she gets bored in a few weeks and she moves back in with me so our closets can again live as one.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more consistently when life slows down!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My homework - equals new blog post

I haven't had anytime lately to post any fun blog posts (I'll explain why later) so I decided to show you what my homework was today because it just happens to be kind of fun :) I was supposed to write a movie analysis paper of a movie made in modern day times but set in earlier time period. I chose the notebook because who wouldn't want to watch ryan gosling for 2 hours and use the excuse " no seriously its for school!" So that's what i did.. Here are some of the images I used for my paper:

The Notebook was set in the 1940s.

nnotebook 1
Título: El Diario De Noa
notebook 3
notebook 2

purple outfit

I love that elegance that she embodies in this movie. I want to be able to wear gloves, hats, heels, and bright red lipstick on the regular.

Short post because I have to finish this dang paper! Just thought I would give you a taste! I have a new post coming tomorrow that should be fun so check back :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Accent yourself

I'm a women of many accessories. I think I mentioned previously that I LOVE huge oversized rings. I am a firm believer in more simple pieces and adding that perfect belt, or some amazing earrings that totally pull together the entire outfit. In high school and early college I would always buy these insanely patterned outfits that I would only be able to wear once because people would always remember them the next time I wore them. I started to take the approach to my wardrobe that you would when decorating a room. You start with your basic wall color, furniture, and then have an accent wall, pictures, wall hangings to brighten up the room. I wanted to start updating my wardrobe with timeless pieces that I could wear longer and then change out my accessories to pull together those outfits. Here are some outfit ideas that have statement accessories that pull together an outfit:

I love a good white trouser, and pairing it with a pretty pale pink shirt is simple and effortless. To add color, pair it with a really bold colored necklace. Add some brown heels or sandals, and your golden.

collage 1

Next, who doesn't have a black shirt and jeans? I'm a girl with a REAL long torso so everything I pick up ends up being a tunic. Pair jeans with a black shirt/tunic/button up and add bold red earrings and a ring and your set. A plain camel hat looks great with black and would give this look a little more drama and class.

collage 2

Lastly, I love the mix of orangey reds and pink. For a classy and effortless look, pair your favorite bright colored summer dress with an earth tone necklace.

collage 3

If you are not comfortable with multiple accessories, start with one piece at a time. I think simplicity is also really beautiful and adds sophistication to the garments. Some general tips I have is that if i'm wearing a necklace I don't also wear earrings. If you chose to wear earrings and a necklace maybe wear smaller studs, with the statement necklace. Or if you chose to wear larger earrings, make sure your necklace does not take away from your earrings.
You want your accessories to compliment your outfit and not fight each other for attention.

Does anyone have a piece that they absolutely love? If so how do you wear it!?
Leave me a comment or send me a picture!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to Normal -- and small product Review!

It's been forever since I had an outfit post. I got this shirt from the clearance sale at The Limited a few weeks ago and have been trying to find a good way to wear it! i love the color.. definately nothing I've had before!

WARNING: small disclaimer I was Up almost all night studying for an Advanced Textiles test I have today.... so these pictures are probably not my best!


Shoe shot.

Shirt: The Limited
Ring: Express
Pants: F21
Shoes: Target
Belt: F21

Also I cant go another day without sharing the news about these lovely little shoes I found. I like to call them Heavenly pillows for my feet. CITY FLATS BY GAP have literally changed my life. If anyone else works in retail you know how grueling your shifts can be if you don't have comfortable shoes. These puppies come in like 30 million colors and there are super padded. AND they come in a little bag so you can fold them up and stick them in your purse too.


Due to my extremely pale skin (which I'm working on by the way) I probably shouldn't have bought the nude color. Multiple co-workers said to me today.. "O my gosh I thought for a second you came to work with no shoes on" .. OK Im aware my feet are so pale they blend in with my shoes..
But don't worry I bought the navy, and orange pair too :)
I got mine on clearance but here's where you can buy them online:Gap City Flat

They won't let ya down :)

Ps.. this Product Review Idea was stolen by Tami :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving day!

I Got the flu this weekend, and have been absolutely misreable. I'm pretty sure that no one would want to see me in the same yellow sweat pants and USC sweatshirt outfit post, ha so I decided to re-direct you to one of my new favorite blogs. Meet Lyss!
Lyss is one of my best friends. I learn so much from her fun-loving, always optimistic spirit. She is one of the funniest people I know, and I am so excited to show you all her new blog! She is brand new to blogging but I'm already obsessed with her blog... Here are some pictures from her blog..


Aren't her and her boyfriend adorable?
She has effortless style, and really fun DIY's. I'm already thinking of how I can rip-off that jean button up/sweater combo! :) So check out her blog at: Lyss and follow her!
Love you Lyss!