Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TV junkie

Me and my sister were eating lunch today watching re-runs of "keeping up with the Kardashians". I saw Kourtney's outfit and instantly thought... I can make that outfit. I made a mental note of everything she had on and then went downstairs and changed my outfit. Apparently TV has a huge influence on me ha. It seemed simple enough and comfortable.


Most people joke about this ring like " you can knock someone's teeth out with that thing!" ( If i had a Dollar for every time I've heard that).. or here's my favorite.. " You could eat a bowl of cereal off that ring" ... I'm gonna have try that sometime.. but I'm pretty sure its impossible.. Maybe I'll blog about it .. So make sure to check back for a post on multi-purposeful accessories.



  1. I LOVE this outfit!!! Seriously, very unintimidating to try to replicate...still classy and chic (and chick). :)

  2. Adorable outfit! Looks great :) Gotta love crazy rings


  3. I LOVE this outfit...just wish I had the figure to pull it off! ha!


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