Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lately I have been seeing a ton of great glittery shoes! I wanted a pair so bad but decided that I should just make my own make shift pair for less money! I got a silver matte spray paint, and a sparkly top coat and added two layers of both. I took a plain pair of black loafers from Target, and changed them into these fun new sparkly shoes! I loved the results! 

Also, sorry for my lack of blogging lately! I have been literally on my death bed with a nasty cold. So unless you want to see my an old volleyball sweatshirts, and college sweatpants, I think this is a better option :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

This is what I wore yesterday. I loved how the teal popped with this polka dot. I'm really into layering right now. And I love layering crazy things together. This outfit started originally just with the cardigan and the button up, but I added the graphic underneath to finish the whole layered look. 
I bought these awesome boots at Plato's Closet for $16!! They were Chinese Laundry, Never been worn! 
That's what I call a good day. 

Also I got this enormous watch from this outdoor market in LA called "Santee Alley", which should really be called shady alley.. seriously kind of scary. But it was only ten dollars! On the face of the watch it says "The blingster" which is rather fitting.  So I think it was worth risking my life.. right? 

Cardigan: Nordstrom
Button up: Thrifted
Graphic T: Express
Jeggings: Target
Boots: thrifted - Chinese Laundry 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guilt-Free Shopping

I was asked by one of my girlfriends to partner with her in promoting her new merchandise for her upcoming trip to Uganda. She is going to be there with her best friend for 6 months working in a non profit organization called "Healing Faith Uganda". They will be working in a free health clinic, helping doing anything they need done. To read more about their upcoming journey visit Rachel and Brooke's website: 
Our Life as Beautiful feet

They are selling these beautiful T-shirts: ONLY $20! :) 
The heart is over where they will be staying for 6 months! Their Uni-sex Tee's! So buy one for boyfriends, husbands, your son's, and yourself!! :) Great Christmas present as well! Guilt Free Shopping for a great cause :) Every woman wants a great excuse for shopping right ? :) 

They are also selling these amazing necklaces! They are made of rolled paper. Each piece comes with a personalized box, that has a picture and story of the woman who made it! HOW RAD IS THAT!?! 

To purchase one of these shirts or beautiful necklaces, 

please email Rachel at:

They are also selling these fun hair bows! Visit  RACHEL'S ETSY (       store to purchase one today! They are extremely reasonable and so fun added to a button up as a bow tie, or on a beanie to give your winter accessories some extra Flair! 
She can make to order any ribbon colors, or prints that you would like! So make sure to contact her to see other colors/ and or prints if you are interested! :) 

Thanks for reading my loves! And don't forget to do a little shopping and grab yo'self a little Tee and cute bow :) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KopyKatKait - Rachel Zoe

So I mentioned earlier on my blog that I have been obsessing over Rachel Zoe lately so I decided to do my next blog feature of KopyKatKait on Rachel Zoe. I love how she makes faux fur so chic, and I recently bought this fabulous fur vest from Express.
I love these two looks of Rachel, which inspired my outfit below! Enjoy :)

My version 

Ps.... here's the funniest video to leave you with.. of Rachel Zoe'isms.


Pants: Gap
Fur: express
Jacket: Francescas
Purse: Kaitlyn Boutique 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tribal things

Tunic: Old Navy
Leggings: Zella for Nordstrom
Jewelry: gifted, and thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Purse: Foreign Exchange Boutique

My friend is a saint and decided to pick out outfits for the week for me. She made a few and then we collaborated on the rest. This was one of the first she made and we thought it looked tribal-y. I don't know what classifies something as tribal looking though. 
I fung shwayed (sp?) my room tonight and added a rolling rack. I called it my "inspiration station". I LOVE IT! :) here's a peek of my new room! 

Hard to show in one picture, but I'm lovin it so far :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breakfast at Starbucks

My best friend and I had alittle coffee date yesterday before I went to work. When I was taking the third picture, I was like "oh my gosh! I feel so glamorous like breakfast at Tiffany's!". Even though this is hardly like that at all! :) 
Speaking of Glamorous.. i just purchased a fur vest.. and IM DYING over it :) 
More pictures to come!! obviously.

ALSO, how was everyone's weekend?! Any fun plans or exciting new purchases?! My mom was home from California so I had an awesome time window shopping and chatting with her today! love my mama :) 
Share your weekend's below!


Jacket: Francescas
Tank: Nordstrom
Accessories: F21

SBUX DRINK: venti iced nonfat latte, with one sweet and low.
guilty pleasure: Lemon loaf.  YUM!