Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lately I have been seeing a ton of great glittery shoes! I wanted a pair so bad but decided that I should just make my own make shift pair for less money! I got a silver matte spray paint, and a sparkly top coat and added two layers of both. I took a plain pair of black loafers from Target, and changed them into these fun new sparkly shoes! I loved the results! 

Also, sorry for my lack of blogging lately! I have been literally on my death bed with a nasty cold. So unless you want to see my an old volleyball sweatshirts, and college sweatpants, I think this is a better option :)


  1. Love this idea! The shoes turned out really nicely :)

    And I hope your cold gets better soon!

  2. did tam take these?!! and ps i love this idea. Imma bout to thieve this idea

  3. I checked your blog today and realized you had so many new posts that I haven't read!! So so fun! Love the fur vest! I just might have to get one for myself. :)

    So crafty with the cute sparkly shoes too!

  4. LOVE those shoes...


  5. Your shoes are so cute, love it!

  6. LOVIN YOUR BLOG GIRL :) Maybe a guest post on my blog in the future?!!!


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