Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nature Girl

This location makes me laugh because I'm the farthest thing from outdoorsy. I was more concerned with my outfit matching the leaves then seeing the beauty in the location. My roommate always finds fun little nooks like this. and I LOVED the coloring and the uniqueness of the vines growing behind me. 
But this is definately as outdoorsy as I get. Standing in middle of some vines in some heels. 
I once said.. " Come on guys I'm not really outdoorsy, I mean I lay out but...." 
I don't know if I've ever been let that comment down. :) 

outfit deeds: 
Pants: The limited
Sweater: F21
Accessories: Target, Nordstrom
Heels: Gifted
Belt: Foreign Exchange Boutique


  1. Ah I want your earrings!!!
    P.S. What kind of Camera do you have/use?

  2. Ooo your earrings and your belt and your shirt. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. You look fantastic! And I'm kinda outdoorsy. I love being outside, but once the bugs start bothering me I get kinda cranky haha. :)

    xx Jessica

  3. LOVE the earrings and the belt together!
    Looks FAB!
    :) Bobbi

  4. I love your earrings and the earthy vibe your outfit has altogether. I love how you throw together pieces and make a more complex outfit.

  5. kailyn my earrings are from target :) and The camera is a really nice nikon, but its definately my cousin's! She let us borrow it but I'm givin it back soon :)

    Bobbie- you are too sweet! :)

    And Jessica - seriously I dont do bugs.. HATE bugs! I'm all about the nature until they get up in my business! haha
    thank you for your sweet comment!

    rachel: Thank you so much for your compliment :) means the world.
    you ladies are amazing/and fab.

  6. Love,Love, Love, your Earrings, and your style!!

  7. These pictures are amazing!


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