Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breakfast at Starbucks

My best friend and I had alittle coffee date yesterday before I went to work. When I was taking the third picture, I was like "oh my gosh! I feel so glamorous like breakfast at Tiffany's!". Even though this is hardly like that at all! :) 
Speaking of Glamorous.. i just purchased a fur vest.. and IM DYING over it :) 
More pictures to come!! obviously.

ALSO, how was everyone's weekend?! Any fun plans or exciting new purchases?! My mom was home from California so I had an awesome time window shopping and chatting with her today! love my mama :) 
Share your weekend's below!


Jacket: Francescas
Tank: Nordstrom
Accessories: F21

SBUX DRINK: venti iced nonfat latte, with one sweet and low.
guilty pleasure: Lemon loaf.  YUM! 


  1. Love your jacket! And Starbucks of course. ;)

    xx Jessica

  2. You are adorable! I love Starbucks meet ups with friends! The lemon pound cake is AMAZING. I also love banana choc chip coffee cake. To die for! I went to H&M today and got some great new sweaters! :) I love this time of year best!

  3. Luvin your black & white top. We don't have Starbucks here in SA, but I've had it on holiday, when it translates to SA money, its ridiculously expensive.

  4. Love love love your jacket!
    Coffee dates at Starbucks are always perfect.

  5. Starbucks breakfasts can really go a long way. Loveee your sweater!

    Xo, Audrey

  6. Gorgeous jacket! Love the black nail polish too!

  7. That jacket is amazing, I love going to Starbucks. My must have is the marble pound cake.

    xo erica

  8. I love that jacket!!! it is so perfect!


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