Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I'm taking a summer class, and this is the LAST week! I only have 3 days left. If you know me at all you will know I am TERRIBLE at math, and hate it with a passion. 

I dont know much about math, but I do know one equation:
Kait + shopping = happiness. 
This is my birthday loot from two weeks ago... I am slightly particular with my new items and I'm really not sure where this came from.  Some psychotic things I do with new clothes are: 
1. I ALWAYS have to look at everything when i get in the car, then fold them back neatly in the bag. (As if I've forgotten what I bought from an hour ago) 
2. When i get home, I take everything out of the bags, and fold them neatly on my bed.
3. Then, I put all of my new clothes in a section of my closet, and they can not be integrated into the rest of my clothes until they have been worn, and the tags are off. 
4. When I'm bored at work, or school I think of 3-5 different combinations of outfits I can make with each new shirt or pair of pants. 

IS ANYONE ELSE LIKE THIS? I feel like I'm only OCD with my clothes, because I definately do not handle anything else in my life like this. 
I don't understand when people say things like "shopping stresses me out", or " I hate to shop, I only go when I am forced." I feel like I'm talking to an alien being or something... 
Maybe this is why I have hopes to become a personal shopper. Because then basically I'm getting paid to shop for a living. THEN i would be living a dream! 


  1. I share your dream hun! But my OCD with clothes doesn't reach that limit at all, haha! I organize my clothes by type (tops, bottoms, etc.) and by color.

    ♥ from Garment Traveling

  2. You can be my personal shopper!!

  3. Yeah i ditto tami. I haven't put any thought into my wardrobe since I got married (minus honeymoon clothes). I could use help.

  4. PS. the word verification that it made me type in was "twinsi". I thought this very fitting.

  5. I do the same quarantining of clothes when I first buy them. Even if they're "foldables" (items fit to be folded and not hung, like shorts or t-shirts) I hang them until their newness wears off, then they're free to mingle with whatever riff-raff pair of cut-offs I have lying at the bottom of my dresser. :)


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