Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday latelies!

Untitled from Kait Huber on Vimeo.

Its thursday again everyone! My video is lame today, I apologize. But I am thankful for Bex's idea to try to find the positive things in life, than the negative!

Have a great week! And pop on over to Bex's page to see her new pretty item she got this week! I'm jealous.


  1. Kait, that chapstick is amazing! I didn't know anyone besides my roommate who has it. Love it so much and it's super cute too!!

  2. So cute!! You make ke want to start doing these videos although I wouldn't be nearly as cute as you!

  3. tami! you totally should!! i would love it!

  4. My favorite part about this video is when I watched it your lips didn't match up to the sound. It was very entertaining! haha I'm intrigued by the egg chapstick. May have to check that out.

  5. hahaha that made me die laughing tara. and the egg is great.


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