Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My new pretty

 Today I just felt like I needed a simple outfit without a lot of accessories, or extra pizzazz. I mean my shirt pretty much did that for me.. and plus its like a bajillion degrees.
Look at my new pretty! This picture reminds me slightly of the Lord of the rings when that Guy always says "My pretty!" and strokes the ring. This is coming from the girl who cant sit still for 4 hours. My boyfriends brothers always watch that movie, and I get the jist of it when I'm walking to and from the family room. Thats about all I got from that movie. 

Anyways this purse was only 8 bucks.. and it fits the essentials: chipotle gift cards, keys, my new 
chap stick in the shape of an egg that i'm obsessed with, and of course my iphone. durrr! 

Happy wednesday everyone! 

Outfit deeds:
Shirt: the Limited
Shoes: marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Francesca's
Pants: Express
MY NEW PRETTY: express clearance.. 8 bucks y'all!! 


  1. He says 'My precious' not pretty. I figured someone was going to correct you so it might as well be me. I like that shirt.

  2. Haha Kait, and Whit, you guys are so funny! It is 'precious'...but your purse is awesome! love the whole outfit.

  3. oh shoot!! Shows how much I know that movie! haha


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