Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Latelies!

Untitled from Kait Huber on Vimeo.

I sound kind of like a spaz.. Maybe we should tally how many times I say like?! ready go! ... did anyone else get 145? ha. jk but seriously sorry for all those "likes".

Here's BEX from Bex a style diary! - She's lovely and her thursday Latelies are so great!

have a great week! more outfit posts this week. SCOUTS HONOR!


  1. Oh I told you already, riding and talking with you was like therapy for me...really, more than you know! I promise, if we go shopping again, I won't run off! :) So fun to see you talk about each item! We also need to make it to the pool...I know, that was my fault the last time! Hope you ladies had fun at Kirk's! Love ya!!

  2. So fun Kait. Will watched it with me and he was imitating you...which was so funny. I think he did even add in a 'like' every once in a while. Haha.
    Love the 'latelies'.

  3. Heidi, I would love to see Will's imitation of Kate. Too cute! Kate, you're hilarious! I'm still waiting for a shout out about my cookies! haha

  4. Oxfords! im on the hunt too! i cant wait to get mine! Love your earrings in this video!
    :) Bobbie

  5. i just love your 'thursday latelies'!!! they are just super cute, and i love how i as a reader can get to know you better just by watching these!! and your shirt is awesome!!! :) have a great week!!

  6. H&M!!! I LOVE H&M they're FINALLY building one here in Dallas, can.not.wait.
    Oxfords are wonderful, they DO go with everything.
    HAHA, "my DIYs have to be really toned down" you're sweet. Those necklaces are adorable need to make one now too.
    lol, "I tan slow" oh my you're cute!

    Thank you so much for joining in!
    See you next Thursday!



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