Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you tami :)

My Cousin Tami's a great inspiration for my blog. She takes amazing pictures for my blog, and is always coming up with new ideas for blog posts. She suggested this questionnaire she saw on our cousin's blog and asked me to fill it out as well! HERE WE GOOOO 

  1. 1)Residence: Illinois - soon to be Nashville, TN :) 
  2. 2)Favorite fashion designers: This is an impossible question for me because I could name about a billion.. But Right now I'm really loving: Elizabeth and James (Mary kate and Ashley Olsen's line) I also love Marc Jacobs, I love everyone Halston made for Jackie O, Nicole Miller is amazing, and Alexander McQueen's stuff was always incredible and original, and I'm really loving everything Missoni :) 
    This is an Elizabeth and James blazer I saw when I interned at Nordstrom last summer, and about poo'ed my pants. It could be yours for 700 dollars, practically free right? 

  3. 3)Item of clothing you would never throw out: My High school Uniform Cardigan, I still wear it all the time, and It has been my favorite cardigan for fall. 
  4. 4)How would you define your personal style: I really like anything high fashion, or trendy but want the trend to look like my own, and not straight off of a mannequin. 

  5. 5)What is your own fashion trademark: I don't know If I have a specific trademark necessarily. I never walk out of the house without atleast 3 accessories.. that maybe could be one! 
  6. 6)Favorite accessory: My Tiffany's Braided Ring my boyfriend bought me for my Birthday! 

    I wear that baby constantly! Even with gold. I love it. 

  7. 7)Favorite color: Kelly Green or just greens in general. 

    This would be my dream bedroom, I love everything about these colors.. 

  8. 8)Favorite scent: Perfume: Is my Burberry London Perfume. I get compliments almost every day on it... which has never happened to me, and then airfreshner's I love Glade plug in's - Hawaiian Breeze - Shout out to Phil... he introduced me to it :) 

  9. 9)What is your facewash: I HATE washing my face.. so this is my least favorite question. I dont even know what I use. But i do like the smell of that grapefruit stuff my sister uses. 

  10. 10) Makeup- I wear Aveda tinted moisturizer ITS AH-MAY-ZING! serious, but thats only when I can afford it. Otherwise, I pick whats on sale at target :) 

  11. 11)Where do you get your hair done: Hail the Hair King  
  12. 12) Favorite Architect: I visited some of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings, and truthfully thats about the only architect I can name, haha so probably him! 
  13. 13) Favorite destination:  I haven't been too many cool places, But if I could choose anywhere I want to go Tokyo, and all 4 fashion capitals of the world.. I've already been to New York, So I have 3 to go :) 
  14. 14) Favorite discovery: I recently started drinking Tea, and thats been pretty great. 
  15. 15)Favorite Hotel: Anything Four Seasons 
  16. 16) Favorite Luggage: Hm, I dont know if I've really had a piece of luggage that I fell in love with.. but if I could get some dream luggage it would be Louis  Vuitton: 

    So beautiful! but SO overpriced 

  17. 17) Most memorable Party: Any concert my boyfriend plays! 
  18. 18) When you can’t think of something to give a friend, what do you give? usually Gift cards to Coffee places, or a really cool shirt. 
  19. 19) Every lady has a vice: I freakin love Heath bars! 
  20. 20) Necessary extravagance: A great shoe
  21. 21) Favorite movies: Tommy boy and Sound of Music, yes.. i know very different 
  22. 22) Favorite Cocktail: Ok I don't know what it was called, but it was this grapefruit drink I got at this place called Patterson House in Nashville. Its a place you only go on special occassions because the drinks are 13-17 dollars a piece and its very fancy! I loved it! 
    Here's some pictures: 

    All the drinks come with Sphere or rectangular ice blocks that they make! It's super fun! 

  23. 23) Handwritten Thank you note or immediate e-mail? Either!
  24. 24) If you have personalized stationary, where did you get it from? My friend bought me some from Von Maur once, But I've never owned stationary before that! 
  25. 25) The True hallmark of modern elegance is: Woman who has confidence in herself and wears what she loves proudly! A outfit is always more rockin' when the girl feels and knows she looks great. 


  1. Yay!!! I knew I'd love your answers!!! Soooo fun, Kait!!!!

  2. I loved that feather elizabeth and james blazer, so gorgeous!

    Dont forget to enter my $50 La Posh Style giveaway!

  3. Love the Elizabeth and James blazer! Great answers - was interesting to read!


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