Saturday, October 1, 2011

Concert Attire

Recently I was asked to do a post on what I would put together for a concert. I used an online Program called "Polyvore" to make these outfits.

Some Concert Clothing Tips:

  • No matter how cute your chunky sweater is, DONT wear it! All concerts are really hot, especially if it is a smaller venue. Stick to wearing layers 
  • I would always suggest a sling bag or clutch, rather than a large purse. Most venues won't let you bring in your giant camera anyways, so don't kill your back and carry something small! Stick to the essentials : lipgloss, gum, wallet, your ticket, etc. 
  • As far as hair goes I always try to do something where my bangs are pinned, or braided and off my face. I hate those pictures where you just look sweaty, and greasy. 
  • Stick to flats or wedges if you can. You can still make a statement with your outfit without killing your feet. Unless you have a high tolerance for heels than go for it! 

This first outfit option is something basic, that I feel like most people can pull off. This is dark skinny's (or whatever fit you prefer) paired with a black shirt. The shirt pictured is half leather, half cotton for extra drama, but you can just pair a black shirt, flowy or tailored. I added more dramatic accessories, and neutral flats to pull the outfit together. If you are more of a silver person, go with silver accessories, instead of gold. I just prefer gold. 

Next I picked a little dressier outfit. This incorporates all the fall colors, and colored denim. I used this orange necklace to add a pop of color, and then again with a neutral colored shoe. I like to use a few different color palletes, so this isn't probably an outfit for a really matchy-matchy person. If you fall in that category, maybe refer to the first outfit! :) 

Lastly, I picked a higher drama outfit. Colored denim is really in, and I love the minty green trend. A lot of girls like to wear something with sequins, or some kind of sparkle to concerts to make a statement. So I paired an all sequins shirt with these minty pants, and some killer cheetah heels. All the tops I chose are short/ quarter length sleeves, because again, usually if it is a smaller venue it will get pretty toasty. :) 

concert 4

I went to Mat Kearney this past thursday, and I wore a sequins gold shirt, black skinnys, and gold flats. I kind of mixed all three of these outfits examples together. I didn't wear a sling bag, or a clutch and I regretted it after the show! 

Hope these outfits create inspiration for your favorite upcoming shows or concerts :) 



  1. Kait, you're awesome!!! This was perfect!!!!! Now, I'm going to go pick out my outfit for tonight!!! Whoohoo!!

  2. My favorite was the last one!!! LOVED every thing about it! I might have to go find myself a little concert to go to. :)

    Fun post!

  3. LOVE this!! Wish i wouldve seen this before my thursday and friday night concert. Awesome idea!!!

  4. The third one is my favorite. However, you probably already guess this, I wouldn't wear those heals- flats. flats. flats. They are safer.


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