Monday, October 3, 2011

check out myyy braid!

I've been wearing my flared jeans a lot lately because it is a nice break from skinnys. I feel like I need to wear them a lot before I have to retire them for the winter. Its not fun slushing around in the snow with your jeans dragging in the mush. And this necklace has been on my neck consistently for about 2 weeks now since I bought it. I justify that it matches with everything, just so I have an excuse to wear it over and over. 

And a side note: Ok for the longest time I made my sister braid my bangs when I was having a bad day. It was like my default hair-do. And then she thought it was a good idea to get married or something and move out, thus me never having braided bangs. And this week I decided to attempt it on myself. AND I FINALLY DID IT! Its been my life dream to be able to french braid. I can die a happy woman. 

Outfit deeds: 
Denim: The Gap
Top: Gap
Blazer: Nordstrom
Belt: Nordstrom
Bag: F21
Accessories: Express, Tiffanys, F21


  1. your funny. love the hair!

  2. I just braided my hair like that for the first time a few weeks ago. :) It really is a stellar option on a "bad bang" day. :) Miss you girlie!

  3. I don't know what you did- but you somehow did an inside-out french braid. I've been trying to do this forever and can't figure it out! teach mes.

  4. i did!?!??! how the heck did i do that! i will show you what i do haha

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!!

    The braid looks so great. I recently learned how to do the same style [as well as a twist] a la Lauren Conrad, and its such a perfect earthy yet dressy 'do. Love it!!

    I'm following & I'd love if you could follow back!

  6. Congrats on accomplishing the french braid :) and I love the outfit - I've got my flared jeans on right now, as a matter of fact ;)

  7. I absolutely love all of your outfit posts! You are definitely someone to watch :)

    a cup of subtle tea


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