Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogging Awards! :) - My first!

So this week I was informed by Hannah from A cup of subtle tea that she nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award! :) I was so excited because I never received a blogger award! Hannah's blog is so fun and creative. She is super genuine and her posts are always intriguing and interesting! Check her blog out definitely! 

The next thing that is required is that I name 7 interesting/quirky things about myself.

1. I lived in Southern California for half of my life, and I really miss it!
2. Someday I want to own my own boutique.
3. I played saxophone for 2 years when I was younger.
4. I used to think I was going to be in the WNBA.. and I was serious
5. I recently ran into Kesha at a resturant. 
6. I'm a huge history buff, I LOVE MUSEUMS 
7. My Boyfriend is a smokin hott drummer :) 

OK, Next I nominate 7 people that I think are the most creative, or who's blogs I'm just really loving lately! 

1. Kelly from  Enter Kelly
Kelly is a fashion blogger and is as nice as can be! She makes real and genuine comments, and really takes time to get to know you. She has great style and is very consistent on posting outfits! She inspires me a lot! (stay tuned because she is actually going to be featuring on my blog soon! 

I just recently found Laura's blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE her style. Everything she posts is So adorable.

Who is my cousin and my best friend. She is a huge inspiration, and is always thinking of creative ideas for my blog. She is the reason I even started a fashion blog because she believed in my abilities! She is my partner in crime. She takes beautiful photos!  

4. Hilary from Nussbaum Fashion Also a cousin and a fashion blogger. Hilary just recently started her blog, but already it is exceeding mine in the creative department. Hilary has a great way of translating her funky taste into eclectic outfits! She is someone to look out for! 

I found Chloe's blog about 6 months ago and love everything she wears. She has beautiful/elegant style with a funky touch. She is British, which makes her that much more awesome. She has beautiful outfit posts in front of amazing scenery! Check out her blog for style inspiration!! 

7. Lastly, Heidi from Poetic License who is also a cousin, :) I have a lot of cousins that blog apparantly! Heidi is a decorating extraordinaire! She gives great suggestions on how to update different rooms of your house, and some projects of her personal home as well. She also posts pictures of her beauitful little boys who I love. 

These are all part of my daily reads! hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do! 

-Kait :) 


  1. Congrats love! :) Way to be with your drummer boyfriend! ;) How cute!

  2. So I commented on your video post yesterday, but I don't see it there...hmmm. Anyways, I liked the video and your blog in general! I also really love your black and white jacket at the top of your blog in that picture. Oh and I'm super curious where you ran into Kesha at and if you talked to her.

  3. You lived in southern California? That's pretty exciting!

    And thanks for the award and the sweet comment :) I'll have to do this right away!

  4. congratulations for your first award :D
    thanks for your comment in my blog!
    I love the US :)
    I like your blog so I'm following you :)

  5. Yahoo!!!...I'd like to thank my parents for all the support...:) You're awesome and I love your blog!...and you, crazy girl!

  6. Thanks Kait! I've never been nominated for an award for my blog!! So fun!


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