Monday, September 12, 2011

Secrets of Recycling

I'm mixing my fall and summer wardrobes together because it is hot one day and cold the next. September is a confused month, it doesn't know what wants, therefore confusing my wardrobe as well. I lost my voice this weekend at our church retreat, that then provoked a soar throat. So I am trying to relax and wear comfy clothes this week and rest! A concept I don't practice much. These slouchy pants, and this underwear Tee were perfect for the job. Truth is... ( I don't recycle). One time on a family vacation, my older sister, and older cousin decided to hold a little pageant for all the younger cousins. My winning question was "What do you Recycle?" My sister was the one asking the questions.. I looked at her with big teary eyes and yelled "You know we don't recycle!" And that ladies and gentlemen, lost me the pageant. I still blame that loss on her... So I just bought a T-shirt that publicizing it so people think I do.  Justice has been done.

Outfit deeds:
T-shirt : Von Maur
Pants: The limited
Jewelry: F21, Tiffanys, Nordstrom, Foreign Exchange
Shoes: Gordmans
Bag: Foreign Exchange


  1. LOVE THE OUTFIT KAIT!!! seriously it is so cute even though it contradicts your recycling habits. loveee you!, and i wish there were emodicons on here :)

  2. Couldn't agree more, September is such a confusing month weather-wise..Can't wait til Fall in in full swing :) You look lovely! I LOVE the clutch..SO awesome!


  3. haa oh my word that was like 15 years ago- get over it! hahaha

  4. cool look!

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  5. great look! love the leopard clutch :)

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  6. love your bag!!!
    nice clothes mix!!!!!

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  7. You're hilarious!! I don't recycle either because of a class I took in college and we were told that recyling does more damage than good except for aluminum I hold my head high and admit that I don't recycle. :) Fun to see the clutch! I hadn't seen it yet.


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