Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had the privilege this weekend to spend time with my Amazingly talented photographer cousin. She offered to take blog pics for me and I was secretly jumping up and down inside. I was in California this weekend for my sisters wedding. Being at home at my parent's house is such a good feeling. I got to go shopping this day So i was pretty much ecstatic. I try to save most of my shopping money for when I am home so that I can get unique fun things that look different than anyone else. Anyways, the wedding was beautiful  (more pics to follow soon!)

This outfit is some of my favorite pieces all tied into one. I love denim, whether in shirt of pant form, not so much skirt, but you get the picture. If i wore rompers, or if my thighs looked even remotely good in rompers, and i didn't get intense wedgies, I would wear denim rompers. I pieced denim on darker denim here, which I felt slightly risky doing, and then added one of my favorite shimmery tanks, my trusty oxfords, and we had an outfit of favorites! 
How was everyones labor day weekend!? 

Check out Tami's Photography Blog - She's funny, cute, and she's my cousin so just do it! 
tamipaigephotography.blogspot.com :) 


  1. love ur bag! nice look:)

    come to visit my blog !

  2. Kait, you look so cute. I love the picture of you standing in front of the yellow of your house. it looks so pretty.

  3. I love denim as well! that outfit is my favourite :)Nice bright colours..
    thanx for your sweet comment in my blog..Follow each other?


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