Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've been thinking alot about this idea of the "30 day remixing challenge".
I found it on this fashion blog.. She picked 30 items in her closet, and remixed them every day for a new look. Then she would post pictures each day of the outfit she made.. The rules on no shopping for the whole month, and "shopping" in your own wardrobe with what you already have. Somehow I feel like I wouldn't last because I have such a huge variety of things, I think I would get bored.. any thoughts??
Anyways, Here are a few more things I've had my eye on lately!

I love the thought of shopping in my own closet for once, I love doing that in other people's closet's, or going to thrift stores feeling like you are in your grandmother's old closet, but for some reason I dont enjoy it as much with my own closet. Such is life I guess!
Who's in favor of my remixer challenge?? (kind of scared for a response ;) )


  1. I'm in favor!! i'd love to see what you come up with! i think i should have you do that for might be totally dumbfounded with how dull my closet is though! ha ha.

  2. ahh i got a comment this makes me so happy!
    ID LOVE to come over and help ya with your close that would be so fun for me! i highly doubt it would be boring at all.


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